Kloe and Kara Hinsley

Take a look at these two twin sisters from the UK. That’s right TWIN SISTERS. You would never believe that these two hot blondes were related (apart from the looks of course) as they can not seem to keep their hands and tongues from each other.

Both girls went through enlargement at the same time. Do you think they look better before or after?
Khloe and Kara Hinslet before Khloe and Kara Hinsley Before

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Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee, with out doubt, has the sexiest eyes in the business.  You can not help but start straight into those big blue eyes.  However, there’s a couple of things that you also can’t help but notice and stare straight at!

Sophie Dee fake breastsSophie Dee real boobs

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Lolly Badcock

Lolly Badcock retired from the porn scene a year or so ago, which was a real shame as Lolly was one of the hottest, naughtiest pornstars around.  Well, she’s back now (although no more hardcore) and bigger and better than ever.

Lolly Badcock real boobs

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